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Connect the development of Africa, Europe and Asia
We operate in the construction industry as a general contractor on the domestic and foreign markets.
We will also connect your company.

Development division of PTM Invest holding a.s.,

Building and industrial constructions – the area of ​​designing buildings of residential constructions, buildings civic amenities, industrial and agricultural buildings. Traffic and road construction – the area of ​​design with a focus on traffic construction in a wide range activities of transport structures and buildings (roads, motorways, bridges, urban roads, intersections, railways, stations and sidings, buildings for public transport, etc.).

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General contractor for construction in Europe, Asia and Africa!

Building construction (statics) – the area of ​​design with a focus on building statics, for implementation and design industrial and civil engineering structures and bridges. Building environment – the area of ​​designing technical equipment of buildings (medical equipment, heating, ventilation, gas distribution) in residential, civil, industrial and agricultural buildings and in areas.

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